How To Make A Tree In Little Alchemy: Complete Info

You may have seen someone playing Little Alchemy 2 on the internet, or maybe you are just curious about how to make a tree in Little Alchemy. It is really easy! You just need to find all of the possible combinations for making a tree. This article will teach you how to make a tree in Little Alchemy and what items can be made with trees by combining them with other elements. Let’s get started!

In Little Alchemy, creating a tree is a lot of fun. All you have to do now is think about all conceivable combinations for creating a tree. Now try to guess anything at all. Any thoughts?

How To Make Tree In Little Alchemy?

In Little Alchemy, the following combinations may be used to create a tree.

Plant + Time

It’s a straightforward tip. You know that we grow plants from seed by sowing them. Then, over time, the plant becomes a tree. As a result of this combination,

What We Can Make From Tree In Little Alchemy?

We’ve figured out how to make tree in Little Alchemy 2. It’s time we looked into ways to make other items from the combination of a tree and additional components. Tree +

  1. beach  helps to make palm
  2. beaver helps to make dam
  3. bee helps to make beehive
  4. bird helps to make nest
  5. desert helps to make oasis
  6. family helps to make family tree
  7. farmer helps to make fruit
  8. fire helps to make charcoal
  9. fruit helps to make fruit tree
  10. house helps to make treehouse
  11. isle helps to make palm
  12. light bulb helps to make christmas tree
  13. mouse helps to make squirrel
  14. night helps to make carbon dioxide
  15. pottery helps to make bonsai tree
  16. scissors helps to make bonsai tree
  17. squirrel helps to make nut
  18. star helps to make christmas tree
  19. Sun helps to make fruit
  20. tool helps to make wood
  21. tree helps to make forest
  22. wild animal helps to make monkey
  23. wind helps to make leaf

Tree walkthrough

  1. air + water = rain
  2. rain + earth = plant
  3. fire + air = energy
  4. air + energy = wind
  5. earth + fire = lava
  6. lava + air = stone
  7. wind + stone = sand
  8. sand + fire = glass
  9. sand + glass = time
  10. plant + time = tree