Here are the top 5 factors that affect the efficiency of your HVAC

According to the United States Energy Information Administration, more than half of an average household’s total energy use is for heating and air conditioning. One way you can save energy and money at home is by replacing your air conditioner or heater with a newer, high-efficiency model. However, you should also look out for other factors that prevent your HVAC from running efficiently.

Factors That Affect HVAC Efficiency

Here are the top 5 factors that affect the efficiency of your HVAC:

Poor airflow

With poor airflow, your air conditioner may take longer than it normally should to cool your home. It can also cause the system to overheat and break down over time. One of the main reasons the system is having airflow problems is dirty or clogged air filters. Simply replacing your air filters every 90 days can increase the efficiency of your HVAC. 

Air leaks

When the outside air is allowed to sneak into your interior, your air conditioner or furnace will be forced to work harder to maintain your comfort level at home. Sealing air leaks around your home can reduce the load on your HVAC, helping you save energy and money at home

Faulty thermostat

If you experience uneven cooling to no cooling at all or your AC continues to run after you turn it off, that is a clear sign of a malfunction in your thermostat. If you have a digital thermostat, try replacing the batteries with new ones. If that does not solve the problem, you should ask for the help of professionals. 


Does your HVAC receive professional care and maintenance? Skipping out on routine system maintenance allows issues to develop and cause your HVAC to work less efficiently. Hiring the service of a licensed contractor will prevent AC or furnace breakdowns as well as increase the lifespan of your unit. 

If you are having problems with your home air conditioning, do not hesitate to call for a professional AC repair immediately. Faulty AC systems can result in poor air quality and reduced indoor comfort. Get your AC back running smoothly again by scheduling its repair today! Call your trusted local HVAC company now!