Tips on buy cake boxes in wholesale

The packaging of the products is not just keeping them safe, but it is considered the tool to endorse the buying decision of the customers. That is why all the leading brands use appealing casings that can grab the attention of the consumers in a glance. According to the marketing experts, it takes 6-10 seconds on average for the customers to decide whether they are going to buy the product or not. The packaging is the thing that helps them to make the decision quickly. The casing of the product represents how exceptional quality or tasty the item will be inside it. The same is the case with the food items, especially bakery products.

They are the most common edibles that are involved in our daily life in specific shapes. Some baked items are not only purchased from the baking shop but also prepared at home, such as cakes. Whether they are ready at home or shop, the one thing that is common in both is that they are kept in the cake boxes. These boxes are designed to cater to the requirements of delicate cakes. Those who are to the baking business search for the places where they can find such casings with high-quality and at a low price. 

The following article will help you to find out what the qualities of fine containers are and where you can find it.

Get the right size

Getting the right size of the box is the essential thing for bakery items, especially cakes boxes. They are delicate and can lose their shape as well as taste if they are not placed in the right sized casing. There are three things involved that need to be considered while designing a container for the dessert. They are cake size, the board on which it is set, and the size of the container. The three things have a connection with each other, more profound than you think. The usual practice is that if the cake is 10 square inches, then it will require a 12 square inches board and a container of the same size, 12 inches. The size of the board and the container always go two paces up from the size of the baked item.

If the container is too tight, its walls will damage the shape of the dessert and the icing on it as well. On the other hand, if the package is too loose, the product will keep rolling inside it, and eventually, its shape will not be the same as it should be.

Design it according to the occasion

Cakes are not just a dessert, but they are part of the tradition as well. A wedding is not considered complete without a wedding cake. The lucky couple orders the dessert weeks even months ago so that they can get it just the way they want and in time. Many bakers deal only to be married couples and prepare the main course of their special day. These cakes are made with extreme care, and delivering them to the wedding location requires even more attention. That is why these bakers rely only on the wedding cake boxes that are made of corrugated stock known for its protective handling of the product.

Not only the wedding but pastries and muffins are also prepared on other occasions as well such as Christmas, New Year, Independence Day, birthdays, anniversaries, and other events of personal or social importance. The trick here is to design the packaging of the dessert in a way that it becomes utterly relevant to the game instead of looking misfit among the others.

Choose the right material

Depending upon their size and shape, the material used for the manufacturing of the cake boxes can be changed accordingly. For regular cakes, the cardboard stock is an ideal material whereas, for larger cakes such as a wedding cake, the corrugated stock is a better option. Whatever the material you choose for your packaging, make sure that it is safe for the food items. Since the packaging has a direct contact with the edibles, a completely food-grade packaging material is recommended for the bakery items by the marketing experts as well as the nutritionists. The modern-day buyers are much concerned about the type of material used for the manufacturing of the casings for eatables.

Where to buy these boxes?

Such containers for baking items can be purchased from a local store, but there is a huge possibility that you will have to compromise with such packaging a lot. You might face size, design, and manufacturing material issues with such containers.

On the contrary, if you purchase the product from an online packaging manufacturer, you will not have to face these issues. You can avail as much customization opportunities as you want for this type of casings. These online stores provide such packages at an affordable price with free delivery at your doorstep.

Tip: Before choosing an online store, make sure their payment method is safe and secure so that you will not find yourself in trouble.

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