Three of The Best Laptops For Gaming 2022

If you use a laptop for your gaming, you will want to make sure that you’re getting the best possible gaming output possible. You can have a decent experience with a laptop if you get the right one with the suitable specs. This is a review guide of the top three gaming laptops 2022 has offered us so far.

The Laptops

The top laptops for gaming exist in many shapes and sizes, but Legion from Lenovo are a great choice. Listed below are our current pick.

Legion 7i Gen 6 Intel (16”)

Key Features

i7-118000H Processor: This will basically cover all your gaming needs when it comes to laptop gaming. It’s high up there on the processor scale, which means you get good game loading speeds and a lack of lag while playing.

16 GB RAM: The RAM needs to be able to keep up with the processor so a 16GB RAM is around what we would expect for these specs. 16GB will do nicely when it comes to keeping everything running smoothly with no glitches.

Ports: Output ports include USB-A, USB-C, and HDMI.

16 Inch Screen: 16 inch screen is the optimum size for gaming on a laptop. It’s the right size to present stunning graphics clearly and to make you feel more immersed thanks to fewer things distracting your periphery.


  • Backlit Keyboard
  • Big Screen
  • 300W AC Power

Legion 5i Gen 6 Intel (15”) with RTX 360

Key Features

15-inch screen: If you go any smaller than 15 inches screen wise, a gaming laptop will start to lose its appeal. A screen is the thing you look at the most, it displays your graphics and keeps the game alive. So, you need it to be big enough to keep you hooked in.

Overclocking: Alongside the 5GHz clock speed that already exists, you have the added bonus of being able to overclock and therefore fine tune to your specific needs and whims. Overclocking is a top-tier feature for gamers that is becoming an expected staple.


  • RTX 360
  • Turbo Boost
  • Exceptional Resolution

IdeaPad Gaming 3 AMD 15”

Key Features

1TB Storage: By far this is the best on our list when it comes to internal storage capacity.

Backlit Keyboard: A backlit keyboard is one that has LED lights integrated in so that you can see the keys more clearly. It also looks really great.


  • 15 inch screen
  • GTX 1650 Ti 4GB
  • Mega Storage

Verdict and Conclusion

Comparatively, you get a good range of specs to choose from across the three laptop platforms. The IdeaPad has the edge in terms of internal storage, but the Legion 5i has the RTX 360 GPU, which gives it a boost in ratings. Of course, the Legion 7i is the clear winner with regards to screen size, coming in at the most inches. It also has the most powerful processor, which is what a gamer needs. With so many options, it’s good to narrow your choice down to elite products such as these.