The Perfect To-Do List for Your Next Vacation at Krabi

Krabi is a province, located on the Southwest coast of Thailand. The place boasts many attractive beaches, limestone cliffs, mangrove forests,& numerous caves, shell reefs, and underground streams, making it an ideal place for a wanderlust. Krabi is also known for its adventurous activities, which include white water rafting, underwater activities, etc. If you ever visit the province, do not miss out on its exquisite cuisine and finger-licking street food. Below we have encapsulated a to-do list that you should follow on your trip to Krabi.

  1. A Unique Experience of Climbing 1256 Stairs

Have you ever climbed more than 1000 stairs in one go? If not visit Wat Tham Sua Aka Tiger Cave Temple. To reach the temple you have to climb 1256 stairs that in itself is a unique experience, isn’t it! The temple is considered one of the most sacred Buddhist place in Thailand and it is famous for tiger’s paw print the cave. It is located at a distance of 3 km from the Krabi town. To reach the place you can opt for a public bus and view the mind-blowing sites on your way.

  1. Rock Climbing at Railay Beach

Krabi or Rai Leh hosts many cliffs which are the perfect bait for rock climbers from around the globe. The beach is characterized as a peninsula between Ao Nang and Krabi. The huge limestone pillars make Krabi one of the ideal places for adventurous activities like rock climbing. To reach the beach, boating is the only solution.

  1. Bungee Jumping from the Highest Point

Thailand and especially Krabi holds one of the highest points in Asia for Bungee Jumping. The destination is approximately 56m high. Moreover, bungee jumping is different from the usual ones. You can also go for catapult for an adventurous experience. Well, you do not have to worry about your safety since you will be accompanied by trained staff. Allured to visit the place? Cleartrip is at your service! The online portal is a one-stop destination for booking flights and hotels at Krabi. Do not forget to use Cleartrip flight coupons for making your journey to this little place budget-friendly.

  1. Explore Ancient Caves of Khao Khanap Nam

Khao Khanap Nam mountain is one of the popular tourist destinations across the world. As you go inside the mountain you will find breathtaking caves with a cluster of stalagmites and stalactites and thousands of human skeletons. If exploring the caves is not that exciting, you can club your trip with dense mangrove forests.

  1. Breathtaking Under-Water Activities

The province has extended coastlines, a perfect place for adventure junky. The place offers a wide range of water activities which include Canoe, kayak, cruising, snorkeling, fishing, speed boat tours, scuba diving and many more. You can opt for any of them or have spare time intends you can go for all the water activities.

  1. Extensive Trekking

Want to view the serene sights of Thailand from the top? If yes, is the answer, make sure you visit the Khao Ngon viewpoint also known as Dragon Crest Mountain. Though trekking towards this magnificent viewpoint is tough, however, the trekking is worth completing. Imagine yourself sitting at the top and witnessing the picturesque sceneries along with waterfalls. Isn’t it enthralling? The same experience you will have at the viewpoint.

  1. Krabi’s Nightlife

After all the strenuous and adventures activities you will need some entertainment. To experience the amazing nightlife of the place you go at places like Ao Nang Center Point, Joe Beach Bar-Railay, The Last Cafe, AO Nang, all these assorted places are known for their delicious foods and scenic sites, which make it one of the best things to do in Krabi.

  1. Visit Phi Phi Islands

Known as Thailands’ island superstar, Phi Phi islands boasts unique turquoise blue water and mesmerizing beaches. You can either choose to soak yourself in natural beauty or go for several activities like excursion by speedboat or a ferry ride. Away from all the chaos and hustle-bustle, the place offers much-needed tranquility.

  1. A Visit at Elephant Sanctuary

An ideal place for an animal lover, the Krabi’s Elephant sanctuary has more than 100 of elephants. Unlike most of the places, the sanctuary does not allow you for an elephant ride however, you can still enjoy the place by spending quality time with elephants, feeding them and making them a bath.

  1. Shopping at Night Markets

What’s the fun in venturing the city without going shopping? Krabi features some of the amazing malls for shopping however; the street shopping at night has its own perks. The market is open from Monday to Sunday, allowing the tourists to visit the place whenever they feel like. It is a perfect place to try the street food of Krabi. The local market is also an ideal place to interact with the locals and know the place in length.


A small province, Krabi is located in the heart of Thailand. The place is home to some of the breathtaking sites. Plan your next vacation to Krabi and explore the place in & out and do not miss out the activities listed above.

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