The Best Window Treatments to Keep Out the Cold

Window dressings can do more than just make a room feel warm and cozy – they can also keep your windows well insulated for the winter, so you don’t have to crank up the heat or use as many blankets. There are a variety of treatments available, including drapes, shades, sheers, awnings, and shutters. All of them protect your space from the weather and help keep the temperature comfortable.


Drapes help keep the cold out in winter and noise from outside at bay. They also help provide privacy, as well as enhance your home’s decor. Draperies work best where natural light is present and in rooms where there are direct sun exposures.


Window shades may look like ordinary drapes, but they are actually thermal shades that block out cold air—while still allowing you to let the natural light in, so you can enjoy all the benefits of a big picture window. Before you feel the chills, protect your home with cellular shades. They effectively insulate windows and help reduce heating costs.


One of the most beautiful things you can do to add some comfort to your space during the winter is bring in warm sunlight with the help of window sheers. These thick and lustrous sheers keep heat in while blocking out cold drafts.


Awnings over outside windows or doors are also great for blocking snow and rain, preserving the paint and wood from water damage, and keeping the home warmer in winter. Window awnings can be used in combination with other systems to improve comfort further.


Plantation shutters are just as much about style and character as they are about insulation and heat loss. Plantation shutters are an easy, affordable way to decrease the warmth lost from windows during the cold winter months.

Call your trusted heating contractor to get your home winter-ready

To learn how you can make your home warmer and safer this winter, do not hesitate to ask for the help of professionals. Call a heating contractor who will survey your home, make repairs and replace old equipment as needed. Don’t wait until trouble strikes to find out that you need a new furnace — get ready before winter temperatures drop into the deep freeze. Contact the HVAC pros now!