Ten unbelievably way Facebook affected our Psychology

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Getting the Best Value out of Your Guest Posts

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Thinking of having a real estate portal online.

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3 Leading Security Risks Of 2019

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WhatsApp Adds New Account Security Feature

Silicon Valley: Facebook’s messaging app WhatsApp will soon introduce a great feature to make user’s accounts more secure. According to a report published in the technology website WABeta, WhatsApp is working on a new feature called ‘Flash Call’ to protect against OTP (One Time Password) fraud. has been given. Thanks to this new feature, users will no longer need a 6-digit security code to verify their account. Instead, this feature will automatically verify the user’s phone number. The app will need to provide access to the phone call log, after which WhatsApp will automatically receive the call and verify the user’s WhatsApp account.According to the website, this feature is available in the WhatsApp of Android version According to a screenshot published in the report, flash calls are an optional feature and it is up to the user to give WhatsApp access to their call log or not. It should be noted that WhatsApp has repeatedly informed its users about this fraud under the guise of OTP. In which cybercriminals used to send misleading messages to hack user’s WhatsApp accounts saying ‘You must verify your account through OTP, otherwise deactivate your account’ Will be done. ‘ As soon as the user sends the OTP to the hacker, they hack his account.

Internet Explorer to be ‘retired’ next year, says Microsoft

Silicon Valley: Microsoft Corporation has announced that it will retire its popular browser, Internet Explorer, by June 15, 2022, and will be replaced by Edge, a built-in web browser for Windows 10. Shawn Lindersay, program manager for Microsoft Edge on Microsoft’s official website, said in a recent blog post that Internet Explorer support for the … Read more

Are you looking for a web design or maybe a complete website?

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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro Review

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