Step By Step Guide Convert Booth Visitor Into Customers

Despite the digital revolution, when we talk about the instant forming connection with people, there is nothing like face to face interaction.

While participating in a trade show, you need to interact with the enormous visitors to make strong connections. This is the best way to look out the unique solutions to their problems.


The sales team you have deployed at your exhibition stand is responsible for making a good connection with event visitors and figure out the good-fit leads. This job is really difficult and it needs patience and caliber.

You should create an optimum plan and efficiently implement it with the help of the best exhibition design company.

Here, in this article, we’ve listed various tips to transform your trade show visitors into customers.

1. Create A Full-Proof Plan

You should be ready to meet the potential customers at your pop up display stands. Therefore, you should be ready with the nurture plan before leaving your office floor for the trade show event. It will make sure that you have a proper plan and nothing will go wrong.

You should be ready for the workflow and start meeting new customers. You must create different ways to catch the attention of different types of visitors. You must identify which type of products and services they are showing interest.

2. Design Your Trade Booth

Design of your trade booth will create the first impression. During the trade show, exhibition stand will be the front face of your company.

Therefore, it is recommended to hire the best exhibition design company. Be wise and choose the right exhibition stand builders for your company.

Spending your precious time and investing money for going from office to the event floor is already a big investment. Therefore, you should do brainstorming and think about better ideas to design your exhibition stand.

3. Focus On Fruitful conversation

Organize a meeting with your sales team member before leaving for the event floor and discuss the strategy with them to achieve the goals and objectives.

Discuss with them what type of people you are looking for and what you are going to sell. After that, consider the flow of conversation to be used at the trade booth that will help in identifying the good-fit customers.

4. Install Trade Booth

Installing your trade booth and displaying the best side of exhibition design to the trade show visitors is a difficult task.

As your team does not contain carpenters, professional movers or even IT teams, therefore, you should take help of professionals. It will bring peace of mind that your stand is installed in the right way.

5. Make It Easy

Once the stand has been installed, the next step is to start engaging with trade show visitors. Find out the right place in your exhibition stand to deploy your sales team member to facilitate more conversation, hand out your tokens or freebies, display a product and do not disturb the flow of trade show.

A trade booth that is overcrowded or is easy to get stuck in can send people into an anxiety attack pretty quickly. Please ensure that you scan badges as visitors come by, follow your playbook, maybe exchange business cards, and ped down important notes on the interaction when required.

Dismantle the exhibition stand at the end of the event and carry back all the essentials to the office. Also, ensure that you have collected all inside the portable exhibition stand and take them back to the office.

6. Back to the office!

After completion of the event, the last thing you have to do is disassemble your exhibition stand. Collect all the pieces of stand, props, and furniture deployed inside the booth and get back to disparate vendors. After attending too many trade show visitors at your booth, you might be feeling exhausted and stressed out.

Thus you should take one day rest and start again another day. This time is to bring out the fruitful results of your investment. Start taking follow up of potential leads in the trade show.

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