Significant Ukrainian Dating Tips You Need To Keep In Mind

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Picture this: You’re a guy living in Ukraine for work. You’re out for a date with a beautiful Ukrainian lady for the very first time. But here’s the thing; you’re entirely unaware of their dating customs.

You just finished eating and were about to compute the bill when she looked at you with total disgust! To say that you’ve made a misstep is a colossal understatement. It’s most definitely an insult in Ukraine to make a woman pay for meals.

If this scenario happened to you, this article would be your best friend. We talked about the most crucial Ukrainian dating tips that every foreigner should keep in mind. This article is also for anyone hoping to have a successful date with a Ukrainian single. Enjoy!

Ukrainian Dating Customs and Trends to Note On

Going out on a date with someone from Ukraine without knowing even a bit of their customs is like skydiving without the necessary protection: it’s absurd. To avoid repeating the same mistake you had, we gathered the nuances of Ukrainian dating customs and trends you should note on.

1. Traditional at their core

Ukraine is a male-dominated country. Hence, they still hold high regard for patriarchy. But unlike before, they’ve slowly learned to listen to women. Pace by pace, they’re allowing women to hold high offices and are treating them equally.

Although Ukrainians have gradually moved on from societal norms, they’re still somehow the same regarding love or marriage.

Men still believe that being assertive in life decisions and treating their life partners like princesses is necessary. Meanwhile, women still look for a protective man who can take care of them in hard times. They’d also put down everything they own for their future family. 

2. Family-oriented

The harshness experienced by Ukrainians from the Soviet regime made family members rely on each other. They had to tap each other for resources and support to survive the unstable economy and government. While it has been three decades since it all happened, Ukrainians have carried this trait until today. They learned to trust not only the immediate and extended family but also their close friends.

As such, it’s innate for the younger Ukrainian generations to ask for every family member’s approval—especially on serious life matters. They’ll respect everyone’s opinion and wouldn’t even take action if it doesn’t coincide with the family’s collective decision.

When dating a local from Ukraine, it wouldn’t be surprising if you find yourself spending a lot of time with their family. Without a doubt, your date will also take care of you and support you in everything you do once you’re in a relationship.

3. Pragmatic Daters

Ukrainians were used to living in an unstable economy, under low-income households, due to the harsh ruling of the Soviet government.

With this, love became a luxury to many Ukrainians. They believe it’s too frivolous, which only the rich could fully enjoy. And this is the reason why women choose a man with a steady job, and men want a wife who could help with the expenses, too.

Every time they look for a potential life companion, they often think of practical things like, “Would she be content with the life I can offer?” or “Can he support me and our future children well?”

4. Marriage is the end game

Young adults in urban parts of Ukraine have slowly adapted to the West’s hookup culture and casual relationships. But, a more significant portion of Ukrainian singles still has the “date-to-get-married” mindset.

Many Ukrainian locals still prefer to take things slowly, building the relationship up until they become more intimate and comfortable with their partners. Hence, for them, marriage is the end game.

First Date Tips

If you’re looking for love in Ukraine, you have to be intelligent and confident with your moves to survive the dating arena. To pick up your pace or avoid terrible situations from happening, here are the first date tips you should follow:

1. Pay for the date—if you’re a guy

As the guy, you should pay for the date. Local women will expect you to pay for every dating expense, from meals to taxi fares!

It could be hard to take this against them as men are the provider in the Ukrainian dating culture. That is even when she’s the one who invited you for a meal.

But as a feminist, if this is a dealbreaker for you, be honest with your date about it. No decent guy would get pissed at you for having such a principle.

2. Be romantic

Ukrainian women find gallant men to be the best kind of breed. They appreciate anyone that will pick them up for dinner and give them a long-stemmed rose upon meet up. They also like a man that will open the door and pull up the chair for them. Be that guy and impress a Ukrainian woman by being courteous.

In turn, be an adorable date. Fascinate a Ukrainian guy with your kindness, honesty, and confidence. Nothing attracts a man than a lady that knows what she wants and does them all with passion and compassion. Your Ukrainian date will also appreciate it if you prepare a gift for them, no matter how big or small it is.

3. Throw in some funny punch lines

Ukrainians are notorious for their no-nonsense personalities. They hate talking about the weather or discussing things that might not help make the relationship progress—they don’t like small talk! So, to say that your date will be talkative on your first meet-up might be a lie.

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Break their great walls by throwing in some of your most prized jokes! You could also watch some Ukrainian movies beforehand, so you’ll know what tickles them. Whatever you do, find something you both agree on and keep the mood light.

4. Be honest, because they will

Ukrainians have a straightforward attitude. They like someone that is also honest with their emotions and on what they want in a relationship. They can even be very opinionated, so be ready for some strong-willed viewpoints even at light conversations.

5. Take things slow

Ukrainians are not into casual relationships or hookups—but it isn’t uncommon.

Ukrainians’ ideal first date is a little more relaxed yet fun. While they are pragmatics, they are also huge fans of “meet-cutes” and “destiny.” Although they have bigger things to attend to, they are also hopeless romantics at their very core.

Strolls in the park and coffee or dinner dates—these are some of the many date ideas that are a hit should you pursue a Ukrainian partner. If you love to kiss your date at the end of the night, it may be wise to wait until the fifth date to do that. Ukrainians are conservatives, and they might prefer to take things slow.

Take everything by heart and have fun!

It isn’t easy to let somebody into your life. The struggle increases if that someone follows a total belief system and practices a distinct culture from you.

But like anything worth it, you should work on your relationship. Learn about your date’s customs and have a bag load of patience with you. Never take everything too seriously and learn to enjoy the interracial dating scene.