Reviews: Is This Website Legit? is a new direct delivery grocery service based out of Los Angeles, CA. They ship all of the ingredients you need to create your favorite restaurant dishes and drinks right to your doorstep. Reviews is a shopping club and they offer memberships to their shoppers in order for you to be able to buy groceries online at discounted prices.

Sgroceries delivers all the ingredients, from fresh produce, proteins, dairy products, canned goods etc., that you need so that you can create restaurant quality dishes or drinks right in your own home. They ship the groceries to you in ice packs that will keep all of your products fresh during their transit.

Do You Know The Information on SGroceries?

  • Sgroceries is a subscription based online store.
  • It is available in the US and Canada only, which means it does not ship internationally to any country other than these two countries.
  • There are many products on this website such as food & beverages, health & beauty supplies, cleaning supplies etc. Every month they add new products to the website.
  • You can also get access to a daily food forecast, which is very useful for those who love grocery shopping and cooking.

Pros of

Sgroceries is a very good website to shop online for groceries and food items. Some of the pros of this site are:

  • SGroceries has some great deals on their products all the time, which means you can get your desired product at an affordable price. You will not find such low priced or discounted prices anywhere else.
  • You can view all their products on the website before buying them, and you will not be able to find such a large collection of groceries online anywhere else. This is one advantage that we found in sgroceries as compared to other websites selling food items and grocery supplies.
  • SGroceries offers free shipping for orders more than $50. If you have a low budget, then this is the best place to shop from.
  • They also offer free shipping on all their products in case you’re a member of sgroceries club. This makes it easier for people with a small income and who want to save money when buying groceries online.

Cons of

  • The website is available in the US and Canada only, so it won’t be easy for international shoppers to shop from here . It also means that you will not get any support or help if there is a problem with your order because sgroceries does not ship outside these countries.
  • Sgroceries is a subscription based website, so if you want to buy from them then you will have to sign up for their monthly or yearly plan . You cannot just visit the site and place an order.

There are many other cons of this online grocer but they can be ignored when we look at its pros because it has more pros than cons.

Is Sgroceries A Scam?

– SGroceries is not a scam website because it has been in business for over 22 years, and they have provided quality services to their customers . You can also find sgroceries reviews on the internet which will tell you that this company is reliable . However, if you find any sgroceries scam or fraud claims then do not respond to them as they are mostly false.


We hope you liked our review about! It is a website that you should definitely check out if you are living in the US or Canada and love grocery shopping online or want to become a member of a club-like website where they send products each month according to your needs/tastes.