How to Capture the Perfect Bridal Jewelry Photography Images

Weddings are once in a lifetime events. It is important to capture everything, including the tiniest details. These are the memories you and your partner will share together for a lifetime.

The common practice is to take photos of the ceremony, the cake, and the bridal party. The one area you may forget to capture is the jewelry. Why would you spend so much time and money decorating everything with expensive jewelry and not take photos?

There will probably be no other event in your lifetime when you adorn yourself with so much jewelry. Since most photographers fail to consider this, you need a company that has the experience of bridal jewelry photography.

We will gladly help you immortalize these commonly forgotten moments of your wedding. Our experience has shown that different aspects of the bridal jewelry have to be taken in different ways and at different times. These insights will help you get the best bridal jewelry photos.

If you choose to adorn your gown with loose diamonds, the photographer will need to take close-up photos of the gown and the bride before the ceremony. Photos of the gown before they are worn will highlight the detailed embroidery as well as the diamonds interwoven into the fabric.

Another session with the bride wearing the gown should be taken before the ceremony. Taking photos of you in your gown before the ceremony will allow the photographer to capture a clean image. The gleaming diamonds will look a lot better, and any future smudges will not affect the photo.

Photos of the other accessories should be taken both before and after they have been worn. The photographer can take photos of the necklaces, bracelets, and tiaras independently. This will give you pictures of your jewelry that you can frame or even post on social media.

An engagement photography session of engagement rings or wedding bands is a great way of creating a family heirloom. They should be taken when mounted together. The most common is an overlapping design.

After the vows have been made, a photo of the rings on the couple’s hands will complement the enagagement photography session.

If a posh aim is what you are going for, your bridal party will also adorn themselves with jewelry. Photos of the bridal party will highlight the jewelry. If they are wearing bracelets or corsets, the photographer can take a photo of them while holding hands.

This will perfectly capture the bridal jewelry. Not every photographer is willing to capture the wedding jewelry. You have spent so much money buying or leasing the jewelry and we believe your efforts should not be in vain.

You can add the bridal jewelry photography package to the rest of the wedding photos at an affordable price.

Do not be one of those brides who rely on memory to remember the jewelry they wore on their wedding day. It is important to capture and immortalize everything.

Understand that this is your day and you should spend time in taking stunning photos and videos to last a lifetime.