Parental control app: Take Control Over Your Children’s Use of Technology

Are you a parent of a kid who uses smartphone and play stations? If they do, are the devices equipped with parental control? No? Well, it is time to control children’s use of technology.

Why do parents need Parental Control apps? 

Parents are raising a generation of kids who eat, play, and sleep gadgets. Gen Z is attached to technology more than any other generation so far. No denying, schools are encouraging students to be technology-friendly and have integrated computers and laptops for student’s academic activities.

These advancements may have benefited kids to a large extent, but the side effects of technology are harmful and getting dangerous by the day. Technology is supposed to make life easier by offering a solution. But instead of us using technology, technology has started taking our advantage. Sad state of life!

The increasing influence of technology on kids has compelled parents to find an immediate solution. What better than a child tracking and monitoring app?

What is a Parental Control app? 

Instead of going cold turkey on your kids, parental control apps are a smarter way to control the usage of the digital device by them.

Parental controls are methods that counter the overuse of gadgets such as smartphone and restrict undesirable content on kids’ device. There are a variety of apps in the market that offer controls in different shapes and size. One addition that parents can appreciate is the best in class GPS tracking that keeps a check on kid’s whereabouts. These apps can easily be downloaded on popular smartphones and one can easily track the status of the live location of their kids. You do not need to buy an expensive smartphone for this, many brands such as Vivo, mi, oppo, Samsung offer smartphones under your budget. One can easily pick among these brands and download this favorite app on the Vivo smartphone, Oppo Smartphone, MI smartphone or any other smartphone which can support this system.

Parental controls are the need of the hour, and more and more parents are showing interest in applying restrictions on the kid’s phone. Although the transition has not been taken very positively by kid’s, especially teens, but with or without their understanding, these controls will benefit your kids for a long time in life.

Let us identify the areas where parental controls have fought technological perils efficiently.

5 Reasons to Use Parental Controls 

  • Escape Cyberbullying
  • Avoid Unethical Hackers
  • Social Media Privacy Intact
  • Protection from Identity thieves
  • No fear of Online Child Traffickers

There are hundreds of reasons to use a Parental control app, but here are 5 top reasons for you:

  •   Cyberbullying 

Cyberbullies are criminals who are behind your child’s peace of mind. These bullies are everyday people who take to social media or online channels to harass young kids. They often torcher them for fun or some ulterior motive like money or sexual favor. Cyberbullying can be very traumatic for children. It causes them to slip into depression or anxiety.

  •   Unethical Hackers 

Hackers don’t need any introduction. They are part and parcel of our life, which is why we have the Anti-Virus solutions. However, kids are oblivious to the world of Hackers, and they often make the mistake of clicking on links containing malicious code. Phishing is a common way of looting people or hacking into their systems.

  •   Social Media Privacy Issues

Social Media is a common portal to meet and communicate with strangers. But it does not end there. Many impersonators befriend kids and try to get involved with them through an online consensual relationship — several reports mentioned how children have been abused, coerced for sexual favors, and influence for money.

  •   Identity Fraud

Online chat portals allow children to share information with others. It’s not a surprise that kids get caught in such nasty acts and exchange their personal information like social security number, Driving license ID, etc. with online friends. These identity thieves target innocent kids to captivate such data and use it for their own motive.

  •   Online Child Traffickers

Child trafficking is a widespread issue, spread across the globe. Many countries introduced laws around the trafficking of child and women, yet networks are spreading like wildfire. With the advancing technology, the activities have become more comfortable, and tracking kids, families, and locations is a piece of cake.

Bit Guardian Parental Control App – The answer to smartphone addiction

With an eye for design and innovation, Bit Guardian Parental Control showcases the true essence of parental controls in modern parenting scenario.

The app is an all-rounder in curbing smartphone addiction and also benefits in fighting cyber threats. The offerings are fundamental parental controls, but the best app for any non-techie person. All the controls are easy to use with no prerequisite skills required.

Make an educated decision today by choosing the best Parental Control app in the Android Market and take control of your children’s use of technology.

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