Make sure you do these to get your car ready to sell!

Are you planning to go in for an upgrade with your car? If yes, then that’s great, you could sell you current car easily in a city like Dubai, where there is a large expat community, a floating population looking to buy a preowned car.

But, can you just drive your car to the dealer and sell it? The answer is a big ‘No’ to that. The first impression is everything, and any dealer worth their name, will be able to quote a price as soon as they see.

And so, you would need to do up your car and invest a little to increase the markup value for your particular car brand and model.

What are those add ons that will make sure your car rolls out like a prized show horse it is?

Primary car services in Dubai like engine oil change, overall mechanical systems check and optimising them for performance can be done. It should be noted that you shouldn’t spend more than 10% of the car’s resale value on little repairs. Tyre change, brakes replacement are costly repair works that probably won’t add much to the resale value. But attention seeking area like headlights bulb replacement, tail lights checks, replace missing hubcaps all these add value when being assessed visually for good upkeep.

Before people take a test drive of your car, they inspect it visually. This is when, little dents and scratches get completely scrutinised. Although you might have well maintained engine, and have all the system under the hood working in top condition. Your car will be assessed by what meets the eyes first. That’s why you need to get complete car detailing done for your car.

If you car is a luxury, sports car like an Audi, BMW, McLaren, Ferrari and their likes, then car detailing will most definitely add aesthetic appeal for your car. Making it look and feel like a new car which wouldn’t look out of place in a showroom.

Wondering what is Car detailing service?

Car detailing is the white glove cleaning service for your beloved car. It is not just into cleaning your car, but also takes care of restoration and protection of all the visible surfaces of the car.

Car detailing is done both on the inside and the outside.

Exterior car detailing

Exterior car detailing is about getting all minor dents, scratches and paint ripped areas fixed. The wheels rim, tyres, chassis, windows and the whole painted surfaces are all included.

Exterior car detailing makes sure that all the surfaces seen, even the under chassis is gleaming, free of dirt and grime. The shiny surfaces are polished and is layered with a protective coating.Wheel rims and chassis are washed and degreased. A plastic protective layering is sprayed over the mud flaps and splash guards, that helps in abating corrosion while it increases shine.

Paint detailing – A new car has a scratch free layer over its paint and keeps it shining. But over a period, with exposure to sun and dust, the protective layers comes off, hampering the paint quality. Car washes don’t help the cause either, the chemicals used during car wash contaminate the paint.So, during a paint detailing, a surface is first washed, then a clay bar is used to remove contaminants in the paint coat like tar, over-spraying residues. Then the surface is polished to remove swirl marks. Finally, a layer of swiss wax is added to create the protective layer

Interior car detailing

Interior car detailing is about the upholstery cleaning – shampooing, mats, front console, ac vents.

The inside of the cabin is steam cleaned to remove germs and bacteria, apart from the basic vacuuming. Leather upholstery is cleaned with a special solution to remove dirt, yet keeps its original texture intact. Mats and carpets are removed, scrubbed & then shampooed thoroughly. They are completely dried before putting them in to avoid mildew.

ZDegree is a great car service center in Dubai, specialising in car detailing. They have well trained professionals cleaning the car by hand to give that special attention to detail that is required while car detailing is done. They even offer engine detailing as part of the package. They are primarily into high end luxury car services and are pioneers in online tire shop as well.

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