Main Differences Between Dogs and Cats

When it comes to exercise, a cat may not be an ideal workout buddy. Just because cats move briskly and play games on some occasions with their human family, they are not considered to be athletic by definition. On the other hand, dogs are great exercise companions. A lot of breeds love to run, hike and trek along a trip.
Even if cats are not interested in exercise, this doesn’t mean that they are sluggish. Cats use their lean muscles to leap/pounce on their prey whether it is a toy with feathers that is swayed from one side of the carpet to the other.

Dogs and cats are very different in terms of playtime. Most dogs love to play a game of fetch while cats usually watch a ball being tossed then walk way, not interested to join in the game. Fun playtime for a cat can be pouncing on the feet of its owner while he/she is sleeping under the blanket. Cats are nocturnal so they love to play at night while the dog is probably sleeping soundly.
Pack Mentality
Dogs are members of the pack and all through history, have worked in groups. For this reason, they consider their parent as the leader of the pack as it looks for direction and follows him/her closely. They cooperate with one another to accomplish things and so, dogs will get involved with their owner’s routine as a way of connecting with them.

By nature, cats are solitary animals. They are very independent and most of the time do not depend on humans except for their basic needs such as food and litter box. They are contented to be alone even for a long time. Humans need to take the initiative to connect with a cat. Even though they are not pack animals that does not mean they would not take pleasure in being scratched on the back by their human family.
Dogs are playful and active during daytime. They may take a nap on some occasions but always prefer to be beside their human family. On the other hand, cats sleep most of the time during the day and start to be active just before their companions go to bed. They are more playful during nighttime but some cats find time to be with their pet parents even during daytime. Cats tend to adjust more on the schedule of their human family with the help of a routine.
Dogs widely differ from cats in the way they sound. Dogs bark, growl or howl while cats meow or snarl.
Cats send warning signals by arching their back and when the hair on their back rises. On the other hand, dogs will warn with their stare and showing of their sharp teeth. Dogs and cats often make sounds like growling or snarling respectively to warn people or other animals to stay away.
It is challenging to closely compare the behaviour of dogs and cats because just like humans, there can be a huge difference between the personality of the two. Some dogs are introverts while other cats are extroverts. Their behavior can partly depend on their species and breed. The rest is determined by their individual personality and environment, in which they were raised.