How to write a letter of application for a job

In addition to writing letters of resignation, the letter of application for the quality of the application documents is decisive. A good cover letter should be personalized, tailored to the desired position – and never longer than one page. 

It should be written in the same or very similar format and design as the CV so that a uniform picture emerges.  

letter of application
letter of application

Formal properties of the application

A letter of application requires certain formal characteristics: It should always include both your own address (including telephone number and e-mail address) and the address of the company. After the place and date, the subject follows, in which the concern should be formulated succinctly and concisely. 

The salutation is particularly important, the more personal (Dear Madam / Sir …) the better. If no contact can be found in the ad, it does not hurt to pick up the phone and inquire in advance at the company for the contact person. In case of emergency, the salutation “Dear Ladies and Gentlemen” remains. 

Direct entry 

In the letter of application, you have the opportunity to explain your motivation for exactly this position. Therefore, you should think well of the reasons for the application and put in a letter to the point. 

A direct entry helps to attract the attention of the reader. It’s best to start by explaining why your choice fell on this position or company, with a personal experience or key qualifications. 

The whole should always be in relation to the advertised job and the respective company. It should invite you to read on and clearly explain the motivation why you are currently applying for this job offer. 


Then you have a little space to make advertising in their own right. Try to point out to yourself and your strengths and emphasize the relation to the profession you are applying for. Consider this part as a written, direct job interview. In the end, you can still add important knowledge and special to your person. 

Maybe you know the so-called “elevator speech” (also “elevator pitch”)? It is about putting as few sets as possible in the best possible scene.  
The whole thing should not be a resume, but a supplement to this and contain additional information. Repetitions are only allowed if they serve to understand. 

The end 

In the last part of your letter of application, you should write that you are looking forward to the further steps of the application process. In doing so, you emphasize your positive attitude towards the job. 

Rather than taking a Multi-Niche approach, you should focus on the jobsites which provide you relevant and concrete information which you are searching.

Be confident in writing, after all, you are a suitable candidate. But be careful not to appear overbearing.  

With a greeting like “Sincerely,” you complete the application letter. In the end, we will add what is included in the letter: for example, CV, certificates or, for example, samples of work in the artistic field.


It is very important to know, what you are writing and for which position you are applying. Until and unless you don’t have a clear mindset to focus, you won’t be able to write the letter of application properly.

A properly optimised and well thought letter of application can do wonders to your job search. All the very best for your new job.

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