How to Use Facebook Profile, Timeline, and News Feed

Using Facebook is not as simple because it appears. many folks area units too embarrassed to admit they barely acumen to use Facebook. they continue to be perplexed when obtaining past the Facebook login and stare at the publisher or Facebook standing box that asks, “What’s on your mind? “Hopefully this article will help you or if you want to know more about facebook features then dial our toll-free Facebook phone number to get more information.

Most Facebook users, even recognizing Nubic, is the box where you regret standing messages and transfer photos to share with friends – the content below is their ” news feed”.

How to Use Facebook Profile?

But a shocking range does not know the variations between their home, profile and timeline pages, or the “news feed” and “wall” showing on those pages. Since the ability of Facebook’s commercial enterprise tools rests in such nuances, it’s value taking the time to grasp them.

Need-to-know basics embrace determining wherever your messages show up for others and deciding WHO will see that components of your Facebook activity. Facebook usually revises its toolkit, although most of the main tasks continue. And once you perceive however Facebook’s core options operate, you ought to notice Facebook a livelier, friendlier place on SceneLinkList. (If you are already aware of the core options made public below, you would possibly need to skip our stepwise Facebook Tutorial.) 

Facebook’s Key options and What they are doing

The heart and soul of Facebook belong to seven core features:

Friends — Your list of friends, those with whom you have connected.

Publisher Box — The blank “status” update box for typing in text updates, sharing internet links and different media. On the desktop version, this update box says in pale grey letters, “What’s on your mind?” On the mobile Facebook app, it commands, “Write one thing.” No surprise new users get confused.

Homepage & News Feed — The page you see when working in; it displays a “News Feed” of updates regarding what your friends’ area unit language and doing on Facebook within the middle column.

Ticker — A time period feed of actions your friend’s area unit taking up Facebook that seems in an exceedingly tiny scrolling hold in the correct sidebar of your Facebook page. it absolutely was introduced in mid-2011. This ticker tried arguably and aggravated several users; Facebook provided an on/off switch permitting users to cover it, and eventually aroused de-emphasizing it in an exceedingly 2013 design.

Timeline/Profile/Wall — The page you see if you click your name at the correct high your Facebook homepage; it displays your customized “Wall” of content in an exceedingly reverse-chronological Timeline within the middle column. after you visit a friend’s page, their profile page/timeline is what you see. Facebook modified the name and performance of this feature in 2011, renaming the previous “profile” page and “Wall” to “Timeline.”

Bio — information regarding you that displays on your profile page/Timeline after you (or a friend) click the “Info” tab on the left sidebar. a brief outline seems by default, clicking “info” displays the total bio.

Privacy Settings — accustomed confirm WHO will see your standing updates and private information. Access them by clicking the down arrow to the correct of the “Home” button within the high blue exerciser. you ought to confirm your privacy default is about to “Friends” and not “Public.” you’ll be able to additionally use the audience selector button at a lower place the standing update box to line completely different sharing/viewing choices for every piece of content you post.

News Feed is regarding Friends; Timeline is regarding You

The key’s to grasp what you’re gazing after you read your homepage and your profile/Timeline pages. The homepage News Feed is all regarding your friends and what they are doing; your profile page’s Timeline/Wall content is all regarding you. that is one issue that tends to trip up neophyte Facebook users — not understanding the variations between what gets displayed in every space.

News Feed Viewing choices

New users typically have hassle understanding their restricted, confusing choices for ever-changing or influencing what is shown in their customized News prey on their homepage. Their area unit 2 completely different content streams you’ll be able to read on your homepage; you merely toggle between them by clicking the “Top News” and “Most Recent” buttons.

The most recent initial showing with “Most Recent” displays a portion of accessible content in relation to its friends. A secret Facebook source selected the “best News “shows a restricted set, who tries to love you the most, keeping in mind” likes “and comments from various users. Expert Tip: If you have one friend whose posts become annoying, you’ll be able to snooze that person’s updates thus you do not see them. you continue to stay friends thereupon person, however, they are annoying updates do not litter your news feed. 

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Your Public Timeline/Wall Content on Facebook

New users typically additionally fail to comprehend that whereas their homepage and its News Feed area unit on-public and solely get shown to them, their Wall content is by default additional public. Some newbies additionally get confused by the actual fact that they need 2 key areas on their Facebook — a homepage and Timeline/Wall — however solely see one-page profile/Wall) after when they visit their friends on Facebook.

It helps to stay in mind that everyone’s profile page and associated Timeline/Wall content is supposed to be seeable by people, a minimum of by your friends. It’s wherever Facebook users generally attend check one another out, then is that the one space of their own Facebook wherever the general public pay a good quantity of your time preening and questioning regarding however they give the impression of being to others. The facebook profile/ Timeline/Wall’s management tools have modified up to one year, typically frustrating veteran Facebook users, however, its core feature as your public face on the social network remains constant.

Editing Your Facebook Timeline/Wall is hard

You will edit the privacy settings for content on your Timeline/Wall principally by deleting things or ever-changing who can read them. you’ll be able to delete something that is been announced there, together with stuff you announce and what your friends place there, too. {you will|you’ll|you’ll be able to} additionally by selection decide WHO can or cannot read any item by mistreatment the “audience selector” button that seems beside every item. Learn additional regarding the audience selector tool, additionally referred to as the inline Facebook menu, that permits you to create Facebook non-public, during this article for Your Good Read.