How to Choose the Right Material for Your Living Room Sofa

Living Room Sofa – The sofa in the living room is two types of materials – natural and synthetic. Know the difference between these two tissue types is essential when choosing your sofa.

Synthetic fibers

These materials are stronger, but not so pleasant. In this class are olefin, nylon and polyester, which resists stains. Susceptible to damage from the sun are made of nylon and olefin. The choice of these materials will be used for your window covering to prevent loss of color. Pilling is a common thing, especially when used by people on the heavy side.

While the idea of fabric producers in the sustainability of a lush with the lure of another because of natural / synthetic blends or combinations. These are called microfibers.

Natural fibers

This kind of terms of self-pride with more sweetness and more attractive without treatment. Linen, cotton, silk, wool and viscose in this category. They are quite comfortable as a burden, but require more time to stay. They can easily develop mold, or by climate change as the most exposed to sun damaged if the wet weather.


It is a combination of cotton and polyester or wool and acrylic. These combinations have gained fame and recognition because they do not want the pills are easy and very soft to the touch, but not too expensive. They are available in several colors.

Pile Fabrics

Loop, velvet and plush in this rate. They are able to meet the challenge of dirt and damage, even when used frequently. Velvet, however, shows the decline and the tracks visible. Good for use everyday denim and twill that gives a feeling of relaxation.

The choice of material for your living room sofa is not enough. We must also think about how you deal with external factors. Sofa materials are often damaged when exposed to direct heat from the sun and fun that children and pets. Therefore, they argue is a necessity.

For your family bed, choose the hardware that is tightly woven and durable. Alcantara fabrics like cotton, denim or 20% polyester.

An additional tissue is generally considered safe, with a high density son. You can, with more than enough samples to check the ends and are severely affected. If it spreads, then fine.

Which repels dirt, it would be better to have sealed fiber pillows. You should also report to ensure their use and help you vacuum the upholstery, too. Velvet usually get dust.

When I finally decided on the type of equipment for your living room couch, they now have to decide what suits your budget. You can check this by magazines, catalogs and websites of the manufacturers. When you find what you want to call the manufacturer or its showroom to see, if any.

Let’s take some examples at home before buying the fabric really see how they fit into your area. The materials for the life sofas rooms are usually strength and not cost of production.