How Can You Give a Standing Spray Depth?

A standing spray is used at a funeral service to commemorate the deceased and those that loved him or her. It is smaller than a casket spray or flower arrangements. It is normally placed at the head of the casket. The funeral service may also include a flower cross on the stone or a wreath around the deceased’s headstone. Standing sprays are usually made of a variety of floral materials, such as roses and carnations. Garlands often include a candle or flowers. The spray may be draped with crepe paper and ribbons.

What Is a Standing Spray?

A standing spray is a type of funeral arrangement that is typically placed at the front of the service area or at the head of the casket. They are often made up of large flowers, such as roses, and are meant to be a showy and dramatic statement. Standing sprays can be used to commemorate any occasion, but they are most commonly seen at funerals. This type of arrangement is typically a very simple one, consisting of the main flower centerpiece, sometimes with smaller flowers and greenery. The arrangement can be large or small depending on personal preference.

Why do We Use Standing Sprays?

Standing sprays are meant to be a powerful statement at the front of the service area. At the head of the casket, they are meant to be a very dramatic statement of what has just happened. They often include large flowers such as roses and lilies, but can contain a variety of flowers and greenery.

How Is a Standing Spray Used?

When a loved one dies, it is common for friends and family to want to do something to honor the deceased. One way to show respect is to send a standing spray. This type of arrangement is typically made up of flowers that are all the same height and is meant to be displayed on an easel or stand. Standing sprays are typically arranged to the left of the casket, facing the deceased  on their final journey. A standing spray is a beautiful way to honor the deceased, and it is also a wonderful way for the family to have something to remember him or her by.

How Can You Give A Standing Spray Depth?

When giving a standing spray, it is important to consider the depth of the arrangement. A deep arrangement will have more flowers and will be heavier, so it is important to use a sturdy vase that can support the weight. The depth of the arrangement will also affect how high it stands off of the ground. A deep arrangement should be at least 12 inches tall, while a shallow arrangement should be no more than 6 inches tall. Always make sure to place the vase in an area where the spray will be at least somewhat protected from rain. A standing spray is a wonderful way to remember your loved one, but it should be done properly so that it lasts for a long time.


Giving a standing spray is a way to honor the life of a loved one. There are many different ways to give a standing spray, and each one can be personal to the individual. By taking the time to create a standing spray, you can show your loved one how much you cared for them.