Gorgeous Flooring That Is Good For Your Health Too

Flooring can not only add to the atmosphere of a place, it also lends an identity to it. When choosing from the plethora of flooring options, you may consider factors like looks, budget, trends, comfort etc. However, the one thing that you may miss is checking is if the floor is healthy for you.

Believe it or not, the materials you choose for the flooring impact the indoor air quality a great deal. When choosing the flooring for places like hospitals or schools or offices, where the number of people sharing the same space is high, it is advisable to be mindful of the flooring. Different materials can have different impact on your health.

It is important to pay attention to the flooring since flooring is the largest product spread all over your home, office or another workplace. Flooring also comes with additions like adhesives, chemical compounds etc that can release toxic gases that have adverse effects on your health. At Floor Deal, not only will you find all possible flooring options from the top brands at affordable prices, you will also be able to make informed decisions since you will be informed about the pros and cons of each flooring solution too.

Hardwood flooring has gained popularity as a good flooring choice as it is easy to maintain, looks beautiful and adds value to homes as buyers are willing to pay more for wooden flooring. The biggest advantage with wooden flooring is that it does not trap pollutants like carpets etc. So, regular cleaning is less tedious and indoor air quality is maintained at a healthy level. Moreover, wood flooring does not emit any volatile organic compounds, while other kinds of flooring may release toxic chemicals that can cause headaches, coughing and even asthma.

You must ensure that the wood floor is not exposed to water too often, as that spoils the texture and top surface of the flooring. Avoid it in wet places like bathrooms and kitchens. Waterproofing wooden floorings is a good solution to keep such floors safe. While wood flooring comes at a higher price tag compared to other options, it lasts long and keeps looking good for many years. You may refinish the floor as many times as you want over its lifetime. If the floor is installed in a place that is exposed to glaring sunlight, it may lose colour.
One place that absolutely must have a wooden floor is a bowling alley. And the quality also has to be the best possible. Maple flooring is considered to be the best for bowling alleys as it is quite hard and less susceptible to dents.

The only downside of wood flooring is that it does not absorb sound as efficiently as carpet flooring. Places with heavy foot traffic may become very noisy with such flooring. However, it lends a luxurious look to your living, spaces and is practical in terms or maintenance, durability and health. Moreover, it comes from a renewable resource, and hence, is good for the health of the planet too.

When it comes to wood flooring, you may also opt for engineered wood, which is moisture resistant too and can be installed easily. Laminated wood flooring is also a common flooring option which is made of synthetic material that looks like wood. It simple to install and maintain and stain resistant too. Bamboo flooring is also a durable flooring option that can be installed easily and is hypoallergenic too.

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