From a newbie to Blockchain Developer: The Roadmap

Why would you want to become a Blockchain Developer? Well, this is the question that will help you understand what it takes to be a blockchain developer.

First, you must have heard about the buzz of blockchain. Being in the industry, you would be surrounded by the news of how blockchain is driving changes in the workings of various industries, the collaboration between companies and IT giants on Blockchain projects, startups news on how they are building pivotal applications on blockchain platforms. News on how blockchain-related jobs are the second-highest in-demand jobs in the market. Knowing that completing a blockchain course in India will add to your resume, and enable you to get into coveted jobs. All of this will easily get you excited about Blockchain technology and you don’t want to miss the opportunity to be an early entrant, or even be left out of being in the in-demand talent pool.

You have valid reasoning to becoming a blockchain developer. Then the question arises on how you become one? There are many blockchain courses like the one offered by the Blockchain academy called EMURGO Academy. They offer Blockchain development courses for working professionals. They have a full track program called the EMURGO Academy WorkPro track and also individual tracks for Ethereum, Hyperledger-Fabric, and Cardano. They have a blended mode of learning, where online classes are delivered through classrooms by a global faculty.

So now that you know that a blockchain course is available to take, now you must wonder whether you have what it takes to be a blockchain developer.

Here are a few prerequisites that will help you to become a blockchain developer.

1. General knowledge of computing and coding is a must for you to understand blockchain concepts. You need to proficient in coding.

2. Be more than curious, be enthusiastic about learning new technology and its concepts. Having a zeal for new technology is sure to help. Having knowledge on Queues, Tree, Stack, LinkedList, and Hedera HashMaps data structure will be added bonus.

3. Having an understanding of basic architectures like MVC, Document-View Architecture, and Microservices will help you to differentiate between conventional and decentralized systems.

4. You must know communication architectures, at least their fundamentals and also prior knowledge of C, C++, javascript will expedite your blockchain learning.

5. Having about a year or so on coding on Object-Oriented Programing Language, flat and relational database and procedural language will further your understanding of blockchain.

6. Blockchain is quite nascent, there are many new changes and upgrades being presented, you need to be agile at learning, also being patient with perseverance will help your case.

7. Companies are keen to hire people who will be proactive with their ideas and are able to offer something new within the blockchain tech. You need to be ready for this challenge.

8. To get started on the blockchain, you could scout the internet to learn a bit how blockchain came to be and how people developed it. Learn cryptography, the tech that keeps the data secure and transparent.

9. Taking a blockchain development course will take you through everything you would need to know. Help you understand better by building applications on blockchain platforms for live projects.

If you meet all the above prerequisites, then the obvious step is to learn a Blockchain development course. But, be aware of the pitfalls of ‘only’ online blockchain courses in India. They do not give you the right exposure needed to make a career in blockchain. They might help you add a skill to your resume but do not open up gateways to job opportunities.

EMURGO Academy is a Blockchain academy with a difference, it is not an e-learning platform, only catering to upskilling, but it is an industry-driven blockchain education. EMURGO Academy is the education arm of EMURGO in Japan. EMURGO is the commercial and investing arm of Cardano – 3rd generation blockchain. EMURGO drives the adoption of Cardano within Industries. This needs a massive talent pool equipped with blockchain development skills. EMURGO Academy tries to bridge the gap between the demand and supply of blockchain developers through its Blockchain courses in India.

Batches are starting for all the Blockchain courses soon.

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