Fire Fighting Equipment Maintenance and Its Importance

Owning a set of well-equipped firefighting equipment becomes a necessity for you in case of emergency fires. It becomes challenging to cope up with an immediate fire accident. Therefore a full proof plan will help you cope up with the situation efficiently.

Fire accidents are prevalent anywhere right from your homes to your workplace. A small spark is enough to catch hold of a potential fire. So you need to have proper arrangements to deal with such accidental situations.

Range of fire equipment available

Before getting into their functioning and inspection details, let’s look into various types of firefighting equipment available for your safety.

The equipment widely taken into use includes the following: 

Fire Extinguisher

A fire extinguisher is the basic need of any small or significant property. Every house should afford a good number of fire extinguishers to ensure safety against fire emergencies. There is a wide variety of fire extinguishers available in the market to tackle different fire situations.

Fire Alarm systems

It is a must to have firefighting device to ensure complete safety against fire at your home or office. It creates an alert and instantly lets you know about the exact place where the fire has prevailed.

Fire Hose

Fire hose becomes a necessity in case if the fire is enormous. A fire hose is a house that holds high pressure and carries a fire retardant or water in the form of foam to extinguish the fire. It is a must to have firefighting device that every building should hold.

Fire Fighting Blankets

These blankets control the flames from getting spread widely. The Fire fighting blankets bigger in size cut off the supply of oxygen and reduces the smoke.

Fire Sprinklers

Fire sprinklers have a great utility and provide ease in washing off the fire. A fire sprinkler starts releasing water in the form of rain forcefully with a constant motion. Facts show that fire sprinklers effectively control fires in most of the major cases.

Fire Fighting Trucks

Very commonly used equipment in case of fire is the fire fighting truck. It is a customized truck brought into use during the process of controlling major fire situations.

The need to inspect firefighting equipment

Regular inspection and monitoring of fire equipment is a crucial step to ensure their availability when an emergency outbursts. You can have regular checks to maintain the quality of your equipment.

As per the safety standards are concerned, many fire control agencies ensure your safety through this firefighting equipment.

Let’s look into some of the firefighting equipment and their maintenance.

Fire Doors

Fire doors are designed to control fires after they break out, by allowing people to make a quick escape from the area of the flame.

Jammed doors, missing seals or unfitted hinges are some of the things that can go wrong with a fire door. You can mend these defects by hiring for a service repair that would take a few of your minutes to inspect the problem and quickly make the necessary repairs.

Sprinkler System

Sprinkler systems erupts the flow of fire by immediately getting in contact with it through the water.

It not only tackles with the blaze of fire but also prevents the smoke from getting spread over a wide area.

A most common problem with the sprinkler is that it might get coated with rust if it was not used over the past few years. Moreover freezing of water in the system can cause the pipes to burst, thus making them of no use.

Getting your sprinkler system checked will let you know the problems beforehand. Checking is a good option because if the system needs a replacement, you would know it and get it done in advance. These repairs will save you at the time of need rather than putting you in worsened situations.

Fire Extinguishers

A fire extinguisher is one of the widely used firefighting equipment which is taken into use in case of fires.

They are most commonly used in residential areas, working institutions, schools, colleges, etc. It is essential for you to know about different kinds of fire extinguishers, their working, and maintenance as well. Fire extinguishers are used to cope up with fires of different kinds, e.g., solid fires, electrical fires, flammable fires, etc.

A tip of importance is that these extinguishers are used to cope up with small fires; they are not useful if the situation is out of control. If left unused for a long time, chances of getting coated with rust and weakening are prevalent.

You should get them serviced by a BAFE approved agency guaranteeing you that they are repaired under the supervision of a certified engineer.

Final Words

Having discussed a variety of methods to maintain the firefighting equipment, you might have realized their role in both residential and business areas. Fire accidents do bring in a lot of fear and panic but, if handled smartly using the right preventive measures, you will surely get out of the mess without any harm.

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