Finding the Best Off-Campus Student Housing in 2023

Deciding to move or live off campus is always a big decision for all students. This decision comes with so many benefits, but also a dozen responsibilities. Though living in on-campus dorms can be convenient, off-campus housing is cheaper. It also allows students to access larger living spaces, gain more life experience, and have the freedom to set their own rules. Unfortunately, not all off-campus housing options are always ideal, so you must be very careful whenever you select your options. The following tips will help you find the best off-campus student housing in 2023.

Ride Solo or Get a Roommate

Before selecting an off-campus apartment, you should decide whether you will live alone or with your friends. Though most off-campus housing will require you to have roommates, you can choose to ride solo, especially if your parents can afford to pay your rent. Living with roommates is cheaper since you can share the expenses you incur amongst yourselves. Unfortunately, living with roommates can be challenging, so you must ensure that you select suitable roommates. You can choose your friends as roommates or use certain websites to find someone outside your circle to be your roommate.

Define Your Needs

Before selecting off-campus housing, you need to know what your needs are. Consider the location, size, amenities, and utilities of the off-campus housing you want to select. If you are living alone, choosing your off-campus apartment can be easy since you know what you want in your house. However, when you choose to live with your roommates, everyone must be involved in selecting the off-campus apartment so that you can choose the most suitable student housing.

Set Your Budget

When you decide whether to live solo or with others, you must set up your budget. Clearly understand what you can afford to spend on your rent. If your parents are responsible for your rent, ensure that you involve them in this process so they can let you know how much they can afford to pay. As you set your budget, consider additional costs such as pet fees, utilities, and security deposits to avoid future inconveniences.

Begin Your Search

When you decide on the kind of off-campus housing option you want and the budget you will be spending, you can start looking for your apartment. There are different ways to search for apartments, including looking online, asking your friends or other students to offer you some recommendations, or checking the local paper’s listings. However, online platforms can help you find the best off-campus housing easily.

Consider Your Safety

Before you decide on the off-campus housing you select, you must ensure that you choose a place where you feel safe as you live. Find out how people get in and out of your building and if the locks are ever changed. It’s also important to consider the neighborhood where the off-campus housing you select is located to determine how safe it is for you. You can talk to your landlord and ask him any questions before you decide that this will be your new home. This way, you will not have any regrets when you start living in your off-campus apartment.

Make a List of Your Favorites

During your search, you will come across multiple off-campus housing options, such as Waterloo student housing offering exceptional places to live. Make sure that you note the best off-campus housing options that are your best choices. When you narrow down your options, you can visit these properties to better look at them. Visiting these off-campus housing options is essential since you get to see the place personally and get a personal feel of the kind of expertise you can have living there. Ask the relevant people any questions you may have in mind. After you visit every off-campus apartment in your top choices, decide on the option that stands out and meets all your needs. When you decide on the off-campus house that suits you, you can move to your new home anytime after you pay your rent.


Finding the best off-campus housing in 2023 can be easy, even if it is your first time finding off-campus housing options. With the above tips, you can find the best off-campus housing for you and your friends without making any mistakes. They will help you find the best place to live on campus and make the most of your college experience.