Facebook for Bloggers the Indirect Way to Marketing

It would not be the fair judgement if you see that Facebook is only for friendship, chat with friends, posting status updates, liking and commenting friends’ photos and funny updates. While in terms of business it is really the biggest marketing channel that could be easily accessed from home having just an Internet connection and computer system.

Best ‘Online Marketing’ Channel

In today’s digital advertising I see is as a profitable channel, say the best channel that could give you the business more than your expectations and that is same as mentioned in the above diagram.

Above Diagram Explained – In the above diagram you could see that how a business body needs to have a website and a blog attached to that official website from where the management team could go in direct touch of the website visitors and those visitors could go higher in numbers after posting of great content at the blog and then promoting the content over their at facebook via facebook page or from an individual profile.

If content is really great and have potential to go viral then people would notice that update and start sharing, liking and commenting on that and then you would see how social networking sites like facebook for bloggers rocks the business indirectly.

Why Social Networking Rocks

Actually social networking sites are the community of peoples where they contact their friends, family and relative and during that social activity they trust on their relatives experiences and recommendation.

Now you only have to serve and convince your customers to like and share your updates and then your blog post and then website would get automatic increase in visitor count that mean more customers and more business at last.

How Facebook for Bloggers is the Right Choice

Now you would argue that in the above diagram we were talking about the social networking sites and their support for the business due to their blog post promotion in the online societies but why the Facebook is center of attraction for this article.

And the answer is that it is because Facebook is the biggest social network on the Earth and any business could grab the attention of largest market available on the earth with the ease of sitting at a desk connected with the help of Internet and supported device.

How facebook works for bloggers ?

No don’t get it wrong, facebook works same for you, for me and for bloggers too who comes to promote their content where they explain their business activities and their followers love to read them all and also do share in their friends because of their nature of sharing.

And then businesses get benefit indirectly.

Actually a business blog deals in business announcements and launching and that needs to share with their clients and customers via the cheapest and best channel for maximum conversion. Today the Facebook marketing is the cheapest and most converting media available in front of all the businesses and that’s why everyone should care for the terms like facebook marketing guide that I use to deliver time to time here at digmlm and hence I would invite you to join the newsletter from the sidebar of this site.

#1. Graphical Representation Converts

Being a regular facebook user I have seen that graphical representation submitted from bloggers and brands do well in comparison with simple text based update.

#2. Timing for Update Matters

Time period of the blog post integrated with awesome graphics matters because most of the time when no one cares about because they are busy with their family on holidays or not at office where they get free and high speed Internet connection.

Other ways a blogger could get most of the audience is promotion by someone popular in the niche, sponsored stories, update in related group and so on.

Please comment below to help me learn how facebook for bloggers is the the cheapest and best available marketing channel and how you use it for your own business or blog post promotion?

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