Errors in Essay Writing

When it comes to college, the amount of papers I have written is unknown, because that number is so high. I am going to be honest. I would say that ninety percent of those papers were written in about two hours or less on the day that they were due. Along with the awfully low amount of time spent on those papers, I totally made up the discussion that the topic was over. Yet, I always scored with flying colors. 

Was this just good luck that passed me by? Maybe I just have a way words to convince the reader that I actually am knowledgeable on the topic I am attempting to discuss. Nope. That is not it at all. The reason I passed those papers, is debt to the fact I know how to write a proper paper. Not just the structure and grammar of the paper. It is the way that the paper as a whole flows together. 

Students attempt to write professional college papers from the best essay writing service based on “sounding smart”. They use “big fancy words” to make themselves sound smarter than they actually are. Which usually outcomes in a low grade because they do not know what those fancy words mean and end up sounding slightly more ignorant than they thought they would have.

I do think grammar and a structure in a paper is important. The thesaurus is indeed a good friend and tool of mine when it comes to papers. Being repetitive does not mean that your point is coming across in a positive way. It makes the paper less appealing to read.

Rather than those (important) details of the paper that are being judged. The idea of the paper needs to be more acknowledged. I was always taught not to write a paper on how you talk to a person because it is not proper. Don’t use conjunctions. Rules rules rules. I personally would rather read a paper with a good idea and make myself as the reader actually THINK, rather than just correcting every grammar mistake on their paper. Professionalism is important, but so are new ideas.