Enjoy the amazing Silk Route Destination with Bengal Tour Plan

For many travellers going to some, the place is only about reaching a particular destination, staying in a luxurious hotels and having good food and facilities and going out for sightseeing’s and getting back home. But when it comes to exploring the place truly then Bengal tour plan is the best tour company you can engage with. They will get you associated with the normal lifestyle of the local people of that area. Zuluk comes under the eastern part of Sikkim, this is the most beautiful destination where visitors can truly explore the area and get to know about the lifestyle of the people of Sikkim. The main issue of visiting Zuluk that you will not get many hotels in Zuluk, hence it will be good for you if you engage with a professional tour and travel company like Bengal tour Plan.

Zuluk is named after a small hamlet that survives on the slope of the Himalayas, which is guarded by high walls of green mountains on all sides. It is one of the popular destinations of Silk route package. It is a beautiful village located at n height of over 10000 feet and very nearer to Indo Chinese border. For the nature lovers and mountains watcher, this small hamlet is a paradise on Earth despite there is a little scope of enjoying luxury in Zuluk. You do not need luxury the majestic nature of Zuluk will provide you with extreme pleasure. This is a place where your soul and eyes will get perfect comfort as the surrounding is so breathtaking. This small village will offer you some collection of model houses which is situated on one after another like a stair on the slope of the valley. Lush green landscape surrounded the whole valley from all the sides and chilling breeze keeps blowing throughout the day will provide you with endless refreshment.

At Zuluk you will find accommodation in the form of the homestay. You will find many villages will offer their homes as a guest house in exchange for a very nominal fare. Although the accommodation facilities will not be luxurious for you the poor villagers will simply win your heart with simplicity and warmth. The homestay packages consist of breakfast, lunch and dinner and you will be served local dishes. Although you will not get menu cards to choose from yet they will serve you delicious food. Zuluk comes first in every travelers mind when they think about visiting Sikkim.

Zuluk will offer you some beautiful sightseeings which you cannot afford to miss

Thumbi viewpoint.                                 

·       Lungthung.

·       Tukla.

·       Nathang valley.

·       Old baba mandir.

·       Kuppup.

·       Baba mandir.

The most common route to Zuluk is Siliguri to Rangpo to Rongli to Lingtam or Aritar and from Lingtam to Silk route. Despite the steep roads and tough terrain, the Silk route makes all the travellers mesmerized with the awesome scenic beauty which they witness while going up.