Early Sign & Symptoms of Liver Failure

You must be aware of the fact that the liver is an extremely important organ in the body that helps in the proper functioning of the digestive system. Though this is a huge and strong organ, it is sensitive and can develop complications. If these liver diseases are not treated at the right time, it can even lead to liver failure.

Here are some of the most important things that you must know about to stay healthy: –

Causes of liver diseases
●Infection caused due to parasites and viruses

●Hepatitis A, B or C
●Not having a strong immune system and falling ill frequently
●Genetical reasons if one of your parents had been suffering from a liver disorder
●Cancer in the liver or bile duct
●Too much consumption of alcohol
●Accumulation of bad fatty acids in the liver
●Unprotected sex
●Exposure to a large number of harmful chemicals

Early signs and symptoms of liver failure

Though liver diseases are mostly caused because of the reasons mentioned above, your body will also start giving you indications when there is some trouble with your liver. This helps get the timely treatment started and avoid the ultimate stage of failure of the liver. Here are the signs that you must not ignore: –

●The body, including the eyes, start appearing to be yellowish. Though this is an immediate symptom of jaundice, it can cause severe damage to your liver if it is not treated properly.
●Terrible pain in the abdominal region, which is usually accompanied by swelling.
●Swollen feet are also an indication of an unhealthy liver. Therefore, you must not ignore swelling in your ankles and legs as it can be directly related to your liver.
●If your skin suddenly starts getting itchy, it can be another sign of an unhealthy liver. Try to consult a doctor soon.
●The colour of urine changes to dark
●Pale or tar-coloured stool accompanied by blood most of the times
●Constant fatigue without any apparent reason and does not go away even after giving proper rest to your mind and body.
●Frequent nausea and vomiting
●A sudden reduction in your appetite is a symbol that your body is not able to digest the food properly, and because of that, you do not feel too hungry. It is a direct indication of an unhealthy liver in most of the cases and should not be ignored if it goes on for more than 2-3 days.
●Your body might start getting a tendency to get bruises easily. This can be another indication for you to visit a doctor and check whether your liver is functioning properly or not.

If you see any of these signs and symptoms in your body, do not panic. Just book an appointment with a doctor and visit them as soon as possible. Early diagnosis and treatment will ensure that greater damage to the liver is avoided. Though most of these signs are accompanied by abdominal pain, you should still consult if you see these symptoms without that.

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