Cyberlink Powerdirector Review: The Best Video Editor for Beginners

Cyberlink powerdirector is software that works with your computer to capture photos and videos from your camera, camcorder or smartphone. You can edit photos and videos with advanced features then create DVDs, Blu-ray Discs and Web video discs with smooth playback. Cyberlink Powerdirector 365 is a great software for editing your photos and videos.

This software also has a very intuitive interface, making it easy for beginners to use. It’s a great choice if you’re not trying to become a professional editor but just want some effects and titles on your videos. The video editing is superior in Cyberlink Powerdirector 19 compared to other similar programs on the market today. In addition, the user experience is great. You can even watch your videos on a different device because Cyberlink Powerdirector Ultimate allows you to create DVDs, Blu-ray discs and web video discs with smooth playback. In addition it also features the ability to upload your media files directly from CyberLink PowerDirector for sharing online or playing back anywhere at any time!

Cyberlink Powerdirector 365 easily create titles and special effects to your videos. In addition, it comes with a full range of tools for editing and color correction. You can edit video in CyberLink Powerdirector easily by adding multiple tracks so you’ll be able to stack clips on top of each other or add titles superimposed over the action.

Cyberlink powerdirector 20 is easy enough for beginners to use, but the program also offers an impressive range of advanced features. With Cyberlink powerdirector Latest Version you can edit your video in non-linear fashion.

With PowerDirector’s suite of color correction tools, getting professional results is easy and fast because each tool works in real time with any clip or effect! PowerDirector allows users to create stunning video projects quickly and easily.

Design all kinds of shapes and animations with the latest version of PowerDirector. With a timeline that allows you to add up to four video tracks and eight audio tracks, there’s plenty room for creativity when it comes to editing your videos.

In addition, CyberLink have added their own unique set of motion tracking effects which allow you create fast/slow-motion clips and add blur, zoom and focus effects to your videos.

PowerDirector latest Version also lets you create professional green screen looks in a simple step-by-step process — no complicated background removal required!

This software helps to create unique videos worth sharing using the stunning video templates, effects and transitions.

Powerdirector For Mac also has a feature that allows you to create titles for your videos in high quality with ease. CyberLink PowerDirector Download is great software for editing photos and videos because it contains all the basic features needed when video editing, including multiple tracks support which means stacking clips on top of each other or adding texts superimposed over the action. In addition, it also features the ability to upload your media files directly from CyberLink PowerDirector for sharing online or playing back anywhere at any time!

Picture-in-Picture Editing

With PowerDirector’s Picture-in-Picture Editing, you can create a custom video by including two or more videos in the same project and synchronizing them to play side-by-side. Add images and text to create a compelling slide show.

Video Transitions

PowerDirector’s video transitions include both modern effects like the page peel or window blinds, as well as classics such as fade and dissolve for creating polished results every time. Whether you’re working with photos or videos, our varied selection of animated transitions ensures your work will always look professional.

Creative Titles

These tools for creating titles and credit sequences are designed to give you the flexibility and creativity to achieve any style of opening sequence, from Hollywood blockbusters with stylized text treatments down to simple static credits over a background image or video clip. PowerDirector’s unique Title Designer tool even lets you create titles that animate in and out.

Animated Stickers

Stickers are the perfect way to make your messages come alive with extra expressions, animations or effects beyond simple text. The stickers pack included with PowerDirector 365 for Mac is full of fun characters, interesting objects and lively messages for adding a bit of life to any project.

360° Video Editing

PowerDirector supports the creation and editing of 360° videos for use on YouTube, Facebook or your own website. Import a video from ANY source (including DSLR cameras), and PowerDirector will automatically convert and encode it to work in 360° format – which you can preview right inside PowerDirector before exporting.

Object Tracking

PowerDirector’s Object Tracking feature can track a selected object in your video and automatically follow it as it moves through the scene, keeping everything in focus at all times. This is perfect for creating professional tracking shots or following an interviewee around to get multiple angles during the same shot without having to do any extra work.

MultiCam Editing

With PowerDirector’s MultiCam Editor, you can simultaneously edit video from multiple cameras and create a seamless final product with transitions between angles for the most professional results possible. You can even switch between camera angles during playback to give your audience an interactive experience that will keep them watching till the very end.

Green Screen

PowerDirector’s Chroma Keying feature makes it easy to eliminate a background from your video, leaving only the foreground elements in place. Whether you want to drop people into a different scene or remove an object from the shot entirely, this tool does all of the heavy lifting for you with just a few clicks.

Multi View Editing

With PowerDirector’s Multi View feature, you can edit multiple timelines at the same time and switch between them quickly and easily to adjust settings without having to stop playback or juggle different windows. Whether you’re creating a video for YouTube or preparing footage for your client, this feature is indispensable for streamlining the editing process.

DVD Menu Creation

PowerDirector’s automatic menu creator lets you create custom DVD menus in just minutes, complete with animated backgrounds and video clips to make your project come alive right on the screen of any standard DVD player or computer connected monitor. You can even load a still image to use as a menu background.

Media Management

PowerDirector’s media management tool lets you view all of the video clips in your project at once, making it easy to find what you need quickly and easily without having to search through one clip at a time or deal with multiple timelines. Save yourself hours of searching by using this incredible time-saver.

Video Editing

PowerDirector Free Download can edit just about any type of video file, from the latest AVCHD and Blu-ray formats to standard AVI or MPEG files that you might have lying around on your computer already. The editing features are powerful but user friendly – everything is right at your fingertips and labeled in a way that makes it easy to find what you need quickly and intuitively.

Audio Editing

PowerDirector Review comes complete with powerful audio editing tools, so you can edit music or add sound effects yourself without having to rely on an expensive third party solution. Easily adjust the volume of your tracks, fade them in and out, or add other effects like echo for even more professional results.

4K Video Editing

With PowerDirector, you can create videos in Ultra HD resolution so they’ll look great on your computer monitor or any TV connected to it. You can even go back and edit an existing video at a higher quality than the source material for incredible results that will make people do a double take when they see them!

Change the Aspect Ratio

Change PowerDirector’s aspect ratio to match the video you’re editing so there are no black bars and your final product will look perfect when it plays back. You can also edit in letterbox format for a widescreen feel or change the screen size of any clips that don’t fit perfectly to make them fit your project.

Background Music Editing

PowerDirector latest version makes it easy to add your own background music tracks for an enhanced final product. You can even preview the results instantly so you know if there’s something wrong with the way it sounds before committing yourself and ruining a project!

Extra-Large Thumbnail Option

When you’re working with a large number of clips, PowerDirector 20 lets you see them all at once by displaying an extra-large thumbnail in the media library pane. This makes it easy to find what you need when editing and saves time over scrolling through tiny thumbnails looking for your favorite take!

Animation Effects

PowerDirector comes with more than 300 built-in animation effects, so you can add a touch of excitement to your videos and make them stand out from the crowd. It’s even possible to adjust each effect for different parts of the video or preview them without having to commit until you get exactly what you want.