Covid-19 variants to be given Greek alphabet names

Geneva: The World Health Organization (WHO) has given new Greek names to the changing forms of Covid 19.

The announcement was made by WHO’s Technical Lead Maria Van Kerkhove in her tweet. She says the WHO has introduced a new system for naming variants of Covid 19, under which the World Health Organization’s system was initially identified by British, South African and Indian. Will use Greek alphabet for variants.

For example, the British version of the Corona is labeled Alpha, the South African Corona is labeled B-Ta and the Indian variant is labeled Delta. The names of the new varieties of Corona can be found at this link. The WHO says this is a more prudent approach, and will help clear stains associated with Corona species names.

Earlier last month, the Indian government had criticized the naming of variant B.1.617.2 as ‘Indian variant’, though the WHO has never officially given it that name.

In this regard, WHO technical expert Maria Van said in her tweet that no country should be ashamed of reporting and identifying the changing forms of Corona.

Maria Wayne says that so far more than 24 variants of the Corona have been verified and that the Greek names will not be replaced with any existing scientific names.