Comparing The Best Branded Soldering Stations

Since their advent, soldering stations have been highly popular and are replacing the soldering pencil irons in industries, while also being preferred by enthusiasts. Features like temperature control make this soldering tool fit for the most specific professional and specialized soldering jobs. The soldering machine irons get hot quickly and also hold onto their temperature better. Leading firms including Hakko and Weller among others are also offering the new smart soldering stations that possess features like auto-sleep and provide for long-lasting tips, lesser oxidation build-up, and higher throughput.

Testing The Options Available

We can get to know about the real features, benefits, and performance of soldering station from brands like Weller, Hakko and Circuit Specialists among others by testing them. A test conducted by using a 5 ml beaker in which 1 ml of water was evaporated by using each of the soldering stations from the best brands provided some useful data. This is a convenient and accurate way to measure the heat transfer rates of the different soldering station popular and available. Soldering machine and irons that can evaporate the water faster are definitely possessing higher and better heat transfer rates. We can also put a quantifiable value to the performance of soldering stations by testing them in real-world conditions. This way, it is also easy to compare the cost incurred towards operation and the actual heat transfer capability of the station.

Before the experiment, all the soldering stations were set to an average of 304° Celsius of temperature. A digital thermometer was also used for measuring water’s temperature while the time was calculated through the use of a stopwatch.

One of the best performers was the Circuit Specialist (available at an economical soldering station price) CSI Premier 75W that clocked 52 seconds as evaporation time. On the other hand, the Weller WE1010NA took 1 minute 51 seconds for evaporating the same amount of water at the same room temperature and other conditions. The Atten soldering stations also perform well. ST 60 had the evaporating time of 59 seconds.

Considering Of Important Aspects While Choosing A Soldering Station

While choosing a soldering station, you should also look into aspects including warranty, circuit design, cost of heating, tip replacement, ruggedness, and the cost. Hakko soldering station can offer you the best heat transfer rates as well. They rank among the most advanced soldering stations and come with new features that are highly innovative. When you want to use a soldering station in an industrial environment and for professional applications, you should see to it that the station has the requisite features that help you save cost. Soldering stations from the leading brand possess better thermal recovery rates through which soldering can be done at low-temperature settings. The new soldering station may also come with the option of micro soldering iron through which you can solder effectively and without errors on the dense electronic components. The tip’s temperature is reduced through the advance auto-sleep feature and therefore electricity is not wasted while the life of the station is also enhanced. 

You can talk to a leading supplier to know more about the best options that can suit your working stations and improve the quality of soldering jobs that you accomplish while being available at a low soldering station price.

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