05 Common Yet Low-Key Facts About Siblings You Should Know

Did you know that that weird creature who shares a room with you and annoys you even in your dreams, has played a much more significant role in your personal development that society always takes under-rated? When a kid has a sibling, he/she learns to share, fight, giveaway, argue and apologise (well, my sibling and I started talking to each other normally as an alternative of sorry). However, there is so much more than a sibling relationship has to offer to you. Since Raksha Bandhan is almost knocking on our doors and we have to find exclusive rakhi gift for sister every year, right? But before that here are some low-key facts that you should be knowing about your fighting, crazy and loving sibling. So, let’s get started.

  • This Relationship Is Impossible To Replicate:

This sibling relationship is unique in its own way and just simply cannot be replaced. Yes, it is a myth that a child is closest to its parents. Instead, it is the sibling that stayed by your side all your childhood and has been much closer to you than anyone else. Growing up is an age where you meet a lot of people but no one would be able to know you as much as your sibling does. So, this relationship could never be replicated. 

  • Men having sister siblings, behave better:

Well, no offense to those who do not have sisters as siblings, but personally I have observed that men with sisters tend to be more gentlemen and know how to behave with other women. Yes, they talk politely, they respect you and most importantly, they always know their boundaries. 

  • Middle Child Gets Shaft For Parental Attention:

Due to this shaft in parental love and attention, the middle child always found themselves to be connected more outside their homes. This is the reason, it is the middle child or second child that flees away from home and hence, are practically more independent. 

  • Parental Conflicts Bring Siblings Closer:

In homes where parental conflicts are commonly found, siblings tend to be closer to each other. They feel more connected and find their closest friends in each other. It is the sibling bond that a child does not want to be fractured or hampered. 

  • Parents Don’t Treat Their Kids Equal:

Well, no matter how firmly all the parents deny this fact. But it is somehow, somewhere, very true. However, there is no personal hidden behind this phenomenon. There are different needs and leniency that parents unravel to their kids as per time and age. This might lead to children feeling loved unfairly. 
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