Can Covid-19 cause diabetes?

Scientists believe that those who recover from the novel coronavirus may later develop diabetes, among other diseases.

Although the evidence continues to grow, experts have set up a website since August 2020 to formally confirm the idea, which collects information on patients with diabetes after Covid-19.

Experts have been warning from the outset about the recent global epidemic of Covid-19 that people with diabetes have a higher risk of contracting the coronavirus than others.
However, there have been a number of cases where people who have recovered from the coronavirus have developed diabetes shortly after, even though they had not been diagnosed with the disease before.

A study published in November 2020 found that 492 of the 3,711 patients who recovered from Covid-19 developed diabetes a few months later.

In the same vein, on January 15, 2021, another extensive study by British experts was published on the preprint server, in which about 50,000 patients who recovered by defeating Covid-19 Half-yearly reviewed.

The study also found that 4.9% of people who were hospitalized and recovered from Covid-19 were diagnosed with diabetes a few months later. These were all people who did not have diabetes before they were diagnosed with Covid-19.

All of this evidence suggests that those who recover from the coronavirus should be careful later on, as they may be exposed to many other diseases.

Although it will take some time to determine whether the coronavirus causes diabetes, it is important for people with Covid-19 to be more careful about their future health.