Advantages of Getting A Better Diamond Engagement Ring Online

Buying an engagement ring online will give you a wide selection of well-cut diamonds, and you can compare prices as well. You will need to dedicate some time and do some thorough research as there’s a lot you need to learn from this industry. One advantage of online shopping, you go on your pace without someone pushing you to buy a particular product. Overall, it’s cheaper to buy a ring online than going to a retail store. That’s because of the way wholesalers sell and distribute diamonds to the online sellers. The process is not that expensive for online retailers compared to the brick and mortar.

Why are people apprehensive about buying online?

To get a diamond engagement ring, you will have to spend substantial cash, that is- $ 5000 and above. That may raise the perception of risk, which you can’t help to think about what happens if something goes wrong. According to an online study, there are more benefits when buying an engagement ring online because of the readily available consumer protection laws for web-based consumers. Most e-commerce companies will provide quality assurance to their clients to instill trust.

Better price

If you want to save some substantial bucks, you will choose to buy your diamond ring online. The physical stores will attract a higher premium for jewelry because of much expenditure they face in their store. Their overhead costs consist of rent, store maintenance, which should be top-notch based on the luxurious products they sell. Staff expenses, such as training and salaries-considering all these, an engagement ring is likely to go 30 to 40 percent cheaper when you buy online, unlike in the physical store.

Wide Selection

Many stores have a massive inventory of products, which they source directly from trusted suppliers. A consumer can compare online stores and other things like GIA certified staff before buying an engagement ring online. That gives you a variety of search and quick decision making.


One of the most enticing aspects of shopping online is convenience. That’s because you can shop in the comfort of your home even when you are working. You can quickly take a break and browse various rings you want to buy for your fiancée. Doing it online saves you the hassle of running from one store to the other and eliminates the inconvenience of getting trapped in the traffic. If you already know some details of what you want, like the 4Cs of carat, color, clarity, and cut, you can choose that particular genre and get to it faster.

Buy at your pace

Sometimes sales stuff may be too pushy. If you don’t like that kind of attention, you will appreciate shopping online at your pace.

End-user protection

Dealing with trusted online sources provides you some assurance from the time of purchase to the time you receive it in your hands. As long as the product hasn’t reached the client, the seller takes full responsibility if something happens. 

Excellent customer service

One of the main elements that are not over-looked in e-commerce is customer service. That’s why you will always find someone to chat with, whether it’s a live chat, social media platforms, via email, or even a call. The company must provide its clients with some product knowledge, giving the client sufficient information and asking as many questions as possible. That makes the buying experience smooth, and almost the same feeling of shopping face to face.

Element of surprise

While some people may over-look this if they want to keep the surprise element successfully, they should avoid buying in the physical store. Even if your partner does not see you going to the store, someone from the public you know might see you go in and innocently say he saw you go into the jewelry store. Oops! That will ruin your surprise.


The quality of buying an engagement ring online should not be anything different from how you get it in the physical store. Every purchase should come with a GIA, IGI, HRD, or any other certified international diamond entity. A diamond should also have some trademark to show it corresponds with the certificate it comes along. That should eliminate the worry of getting a fake product and guarantee a conflict-free purchase, assuring you of your diamond’s origin.

What you must do before buying online


Prepare to do some research before buying an engagement ring online to be safe and ensure you are using the right vendor. Online reviews help a consumer to know how individual companies offer their services. Are they efficient enough, or how is their user experience? One can find trusted reviews from Google+, iVouch, and Yelp.

Educate Yourself about Diamonds

To understand some terms thrown around, such as carats and VVS, you need to enlighten yourself with free information that you will find online. One of the most desirable areas to find great info is the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), a considerable diamond entity and expert in this industry. These are the guys behind the invention of 4Cs, and so, they can offer enough knowledge on that.

If you have too much on your plate and that sounds a lot, you can call one of the diamond sales representatives and let them explain to you what you need to know. Since consultants have some intense product knowledge, ask as many questions as possible without shying off. And maybe you can take a few notes. 

Verify the Certificate

Now that you have learned a few things about what you should look out for when buying an engagement ring online. Check if the diamonds have an independent lab certificate. It helps to confirm that the diamond has the quality the sellers say it has. The most popular and high standard grading systems are GIA and AGS.

Read the Return Policy

Before you purchase your ring online, it is crucial to read the return policy of the company’s site and see if you will be comfortable with it; Things you should consider: 

  • How much time do they give their customers to make a return or exchange? Do they offer cash refunds if a client changes his mind? 
  • How extended is their warranty?
  • Do they offer or cover ring resizing?

In conclusion, buying an engagement ring online garners an attractive price that may include discounts and provides you with a wide variety of conflict-free diamonds. It gives you a chance to check and evaluate your product before purchasing.