A New Parent’s Guide to Keeping Your Baby Safe

Every new parent’s main worry is that they won’t be able to keep their baby safe. This is an understandable worry because babies are incredibly fragile in their first few developmental stages and there’s plenty of risks involved in raising them. Keeping this in mind, we’ve created a small guide on things new parents need to be aware of when raising their little ones.


It’s truly stunning how many baby hazards are there in a single house. Make sure to install latches for all the cupboards and drawers within the baby’s reach and since they so dearly love to stick their fingers into plug sockets, you’ll have to get outlet plug covers for these too to avoid any electrocution incidents. Also remember to store fragile or dangerous items well out of reach.

Car Safety

Use car seats to have your baby strapped in snugly and securely during your drives. It is required that you have one by law. Remember, your baby isn’t meant to withstand hot temperatures so ideally, they shouldn’t be outside in hot conditions for longer than 30 minutes- and cars heat up fast. Whenever you go about your daily errands, the car seat should only be used for the journey and not to keep your baby strapped in and out of the way while you get out of your car and go about your work.

Sleeping Habits

It’s been emphasized by experts to place a baby to sleep on their backs and not on their stomachs because this is said to significantly increase the chances of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Make sure you also remove any excess pillows, stuffed toys and bumper pads because this might suffocate the baby.

Standing Water

Most babies have an innocent fascination with anything water-related. And this is why you should never leave tubs or buckets filled with water in the house. Babies and younger children can easily drown in mere inches of water. While on the topic of water, when bathing your baby, always keep your eyes and hands on him. Answering phone calls can wait a few minutes until you’re done. All it takes is one distracted glance away for something irreversible to happen.


Blinds can act as serious strangulation hazards because of the cords that dangle from them so if your baby’s crib is up against any draperies or blinds, make sure the cord is wrapped up and tucked in high above. Or better yet, re-position the crib.


Keep detergents well under lock and key in cupboards and don’t leave any lying about in the dishwasher unless you’re ready to do the dishes.

Track Illnesses

Fevers in older kids can often be handled by the parent alone but if your baby catches a fever it could easily indicate an emergency situation so it’s best that you keep a beady eye on any illnesses your baby catches. And remember not to resort to any over-the-counter medications as most of these are not suitable for infants. If you notice anything, immediately consult your doctor.

These are the main things you need to keep in mind as a new parent testing the waters. You’ll undoubtedly come into contact with many scary situations but keep a calm head and you and your baby are bound to rise out of it unscathed.

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