10 Upcoming Trends Of T-Shirt Graphic Design

One of the most well-known methods in t-shirt printing that is done these days is screen printing. This technique is loved by the printers and manufacturers due to it being cost-effective as well as being known for its clarity prints.

T-shirt screen printing has been around for a pretty long period of time. However, when it comes to the techniques of the prints and designs they are in a constant change that merges with the trend that is followed.

Today, we will be discussing the trends that are followed by t-shirt printing in recent years:


The superheroes have now surfaced into reality especially due to the help of Marvel and DC. In the lives of the kids, they have become an active part here. It is a known fact that the superhero action figures on the t-shirts are one a steady growth.

So, this is really going to touch the skies these days. These superhero prints are going to be there on the clothes, backpacks and other kid’s stuff.


When it comes to reality, space seems to be quite dangerous but it involves a lot of fun-filled elements too. It is well noted that Hollywood these days release almost one movie each year that is based on space and among the geeks and nerds they are of greater importance.

We do believe that it will be something that involves a lot of fun and become the most favored option for all. Space is everything about the unknown as well as the unseen that demands some explorations with the discovery of some new endless possibilities.

Luminescent Prints

Luminescent prints are well going to be the talk of future today. In the past few years, they have become quite popular too. This trend is going to be in future too as they are combined with loads of futuristic designs that will bring about a lot of fusion for both the reality and fantasy that would hint towards the idea that is behind psychedelic and dreamscape.

Black and White Prints

The trend for the black and white prints will always be the favorite for all. They would bring out some of the best interesting effects on t-shirts when these two colors are fused into a single one. You can well create some spacious effect with the black and white contrast that is made.

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You can well create a head-turner here with this type of contrast that is made. While you are creating some contrasting effects the letters that are in white spacing and bolder black colors proves to be quite effective here. All thanks to the best t-shirt graphic design technique.

80’s and 90’s Prints

People have a great craving for vintage though many have their own choice. They look 20 years older in terms of appearance as well as prints as this is something that is quite great. In the coming years, the faded tees are in greater demand and you will get to see most of it.

The Wild Side Prints

These printed t-shirts are on the trend these days in the upcoming generations. The ones that are in need to get back to the basics of their lives it is quite important for them. The prints can well become something of the outdoor adventures as well as some top quotes. They can range from many.

Geometric and Solid Color prints

This is a perfect t-shirt design that you can choose from as this devotes the progressive bent of mind here. This type is best suited for the minimalists here. The t-shirts here usually follow some of the best simplistic designs as they are well kept in one or two colors. This is something that we see in the runways.

Abstract painting prints

It is the best time now for some abstract paintings as Tshirt printing has actually been around for a long time. You will also have some renaissance art on your t-shirts with this type. When it comes to the patterned accents they are usually ignored.

Bold Letter Prints

This design is also going to come up in the front in the upcoming days bearing some of the best simplistic designs. They all symbolize certain rebellion and a stronger attitude with these typological prints. They will also become the star of the runway when it comes to the street styles that are followed here.

LED T-shirts

This is nothing related to that of any printing techniques that are used these days. This we have included here merely due to its popularity. They prove to be a head-turner with the illuminated LED change patterns that can happen in real-time. In several ways, they can revolutionize and we can also see them hit the growing fashion trends of today.

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